Secure Freedom Minute: Defeat the Globalists’ WHO “Plan B”


In Geneva today, globalists are frantically cobbling together a new plan for destroying our constitutional freedoms. They diabolically claim negotiations have failed on a Pandemic Treaty intended to do that. 
Actually, they intend instead to approve a “Plan B” designed to accomplish that treaty’s main purpose by amending WHO regulations  to establish “global governance” run by a Chinese Communist-controlled public health dictator. 
What they’re attempting is not only completely anti-constitutional. It’s also illegal under the World Health Organization’s own regulations, which require at least four months’ opportunity to review amendments to those rules.
If even a single courageous world leader insists on that necessary right, the globalists’ Plan B can’t happen for the rest of this week’s meeting. 
Joe Biden actually favors this betrayal of American sovereignty. Let us pray that another nation’s leader will stand up to protect theirs – and ours.
This is Frank Gaffney._______
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