Secure Freedom Minute: Defund Biden’s Commissars Now!


The hallmark of a Communist regime is the presence of political commissars throughout every government agency. Their sole responsibility is to assure the faithful compliance of the bureaucracy to the dictates of the Leader.

Joe Biden recently issued an Executive Order designed to establish what amount to commissars throughout the U.S. government. They will run so-called “Agency Equity Teams” to advance “racial equity and support for underserved communities.” They will also coordinate with the White House Gender Council, and their agencies designated “environmental justice officers” and “diversity officers.”
The top commissar overseeing this transparently political enforcement agenda will be Biden Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice. Her political discipline was evident in the Obama years when she declared five different times on national television the Obama team’s false party line about the murderous jihadist attack Benghazi.
If Congress fails to defund this totalitarian apparatus now, we can kiss our accountable, constitutional Republic goodbye.
This is Frank Gaffney._______
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