Secure Freedom Minute: Deter the CCP Now!


This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute.

Team Biden’s appalling surrender of Afghanistan last year shocked the world. Many were similarly astonished when the U.S. administration effectively encouraged Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February. There can be no surprise about Biden’s next – and most dangerous – failure to deter aggression, namely the war the Chinese Communist Party is poised to launch against Taiwan.

After all, a powerful webinar sponsored yesterday by the Committee on the Present Danger: China served notice that the CCP is actively preparing for such a conflict. It has amassed the capabilities to conduct one decisively in the absence of effective countermeasures. And, all other things being equal, U.S. assets, personnel and territory will likely be targeted.

We may still be able to deter such a world-changing disaster. But we must do so at once, not persist in Biden behavior that instead invites it. Learn more at

This is Frank Gaffney

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