Secure Freedom Minute: Don’t ”Engage” with Serial Strategic Arsonists


On Wednesday, President Biden will dignify a serial strategic arsonist with a meeting in San Francisco. Worse yet, he’s expected to reward Chinese dictator Xi Jinping – who apparently greenlighted invasions of Ukraine by Russia and Israel by Hamas – with promises of intensified “engagement” with America. 

Incredibly, yet another bail-out of Xi’s failing Chinese Communist Party comes as it prepares to ignite “tinder” the CCP’s created here over decades of “unrestricted warfare” against us – notably by: hollowing out our industrial base; attacking us with a biological weapon; dividing us with cultural Marxist initiatives like racist “diversity”; and “capturing” elites supposed to protect us against such assaults. 

Even now, Xi is weaponizing TikTok literally to inflame support for Hamas and smuggling in military personnel to light his next fire across America on command. 

We should be prosecuting this arsonist, not further enabling him.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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