Secure Freedom Minute: Don’t Save Hamas, Help Israel Save America


The Israeli government is beginning, at last, the final stage of its liberation of Gaza from Hamas. That’s good news for the eighty percent of us who, according to a recent poll, support Israel, not those seeking “Death to America,” as well as “Death to Israel.” 
The Biden administration, however, has of late been doing everything it can to save Hamas. That reportedly includes plans to add Gazans to the more than 400,000 illegal aliens from jihadist nations and elsewhere around the world that it’s secretively flown here.  
They won’t get to airports though if the Rafah operation precludes the use of the Gaza port our Army is insanely building to exfiltrate more unvetted Islamists to the United States.
The uprisings on American campuses signal what’s in store for us. Israel must finish the job, for her survival and ultimately ours.
This is Frank Gaffney._______
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