Secure Freedom Minute: Dr. Navarro‘s Timely Prescription for Election Integrity and More


The political world’s focus on today’s hotly contested election for governor of Virginia may obscure temporarily the launch of a riveting book about the previous presidential one.

Importantly, “Inside Trump Time” by his former advisor, Peter Navarro, hammers home a lesson directly relevant to the voting in Virginia’s Fairfax County and other Democratic strongholds. This insider account shows overwhelming turnout by legal voters, objective, real-time monitoring of polling operations and subsequent forensic audits to be essential to assuring election integrity.

Dr. Navarro’s personal journal also powerfully chronicles what he calls a “plague year” and policy fights over the Covid-19 crisis and the enemy regime that launched it against us, the Chinese Communist Party. And his documentation of the Trump administration’s economic, national security and strategic successes helpfully indicts the wrecking operation being inflicted on us by its Marxist successor.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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