Secure Freedom Minute: Employ the Reagan Strategy for Defunding Today‘s Communist Threat


A generation ago, the United States faced an implacable Communist foe determined to defeat us and dominate the world. Incredibly, the Soviet Union was effectively propped up by funding from the West.

President Ronald Reagan drew on the skills of financial warfare expert Roger Robinson to develop and execute a strategy for cutting off the USSR’s cash-flow. Once “the Evil Empire” was bankrupted, it collapsed almost immediately.

Mr. Robinson warns that today’s Communist threat from China is being underwritten on a vastly larger scale by us. On Maria Bartiromo’s Fox Business program Wednesday, he revealed that well over 5,000 unvetted Chinese companies get funds from our capital markets – even though every one is obliged to render support to the regime in Beijing and the danger it poses to us.

We literally can’t afford to enable our mortal enemy, the Chinese Communist Party.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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