Secure Freedom Minute: End – and Punish – Betrayals Benefiting the CCP


The betrayal of our country involved in Joe Biden’s humiliating strategic defeat in Afghanistan has prompted calls for his resignation, impeachment and even his court-martialing. As awareness grows that a prime beneficiary of this debacle is the Chinese Communist Party, the fact that it has deeply compromised the President and his team can only reinforce demands for accountability.

Unfortunately, other betrayals are also aiding Communist China.  Even uber-leftist George Soros recognizes that “the U.S. and China are engaged in a life-and-death conflict” and warns Americans should not invest in such an “enemy.”  

Yet, Politico reports that Wall Street and other business groups are working with so-called “progressives” on Capitol Hill to block legislative initiatives aimed at punishing the CCP for its human rights abuses and national security threats.

Such betrayals must be terminated forthwith – and costs accrue to their perpetrators.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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