Secure Freedom Minute: ”Evil Empire” 2.0


Forty years ago, Ronald Reagan described the totalitarian communist enemy that threatened to destroy our country as “the Evil Empire.” That famous presidential depiction of the Soviet Union was key to the strategy he successfully pursued to “leave Marxism and Leninism on the ash heap of history.”

Tragically, we face today another Marxist-Leninist regime busily establishing an empire that is, if anything, even more evil and certainly far more of what Reagan called “an existential threat to freedom” than the USSR was in its heyday.

That threat emanates from the Chinese Communist Party waging “unrestricted warfare” against us to achieve “global governance” expressly embraced by its megalomaniacal emperor, Xi Jinping.

We must do as Ronald Reagan did: recognize the spiritual nature of the war we are in; delegitimize our evil enemy; and adopt and execute a strategy for its decisive defeat.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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