Secure Freedom Minute: Expose the Rope-Selling Larry Fink and Other ”Old Friends” of the CCP


A Select House Committee on the Chinese Communist Party has announced a significant breakthrough in the CCP’s decades-long “unrestricted warfare” against America. The panel will investigate two companies that help our mortal enemy weaponize U.S. investors’ money against them – and the rest of our country.

Following important testimony recently by our colleague, Roger Robinson, the Committee’s bipartisan leadership declared that: “As a direct result of decisions made by [BlackRock and MSCI] these Americans are now unwittingly funding PRC companies that develop and build weapons for the People’s Liberation Army…exacerbating an already significant national security threat and undermining American values.”

Our Committee on the Present Danger: China has long called for an end to such enabling of history’s greatest “existential threat to freedom” and the firing of those responsible among the CCP-captured elites, especially BlackRock’s Larry Fink. Let it begin.

This is Frank Gaffney.


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