Secure Freedom Minute: Face it: The CCP IS at War with America


During a dramatic webinar yesterday, China expert Gordon Chang succinctly described the existential threat of our time: He observed that the United States is not at war with Communist China, but the Chinese Communist Party is at war with us. 

This insight explains the otherwise inexplicable: Why do this country’s governing and business elites persist in providing technologies, resources, data and financing that enable our mortal enemy, the CCP, to wage “unrestricted warfare” against America?  

The principal reason appears to be China’s successful corruption of key U.S. politicians and corporate leaders. By putting personal greed and, in some cases, ideological affinity ahead of the national interest, such figures endanger the rest of us, our freedoms and the constitutional Republic that is supposed to guarantee them.   

We must disengage from China, adopt a war-footing and root out those playing for the other team. 


This is Frank Gaffney. 

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