Secure Freedom Minute: Finish the Border Wall Now!


The Biden presidency has brought us, among many other afflictions, an open border with Mexico. Communities across our nation are grappling with the societal, economic and security implications of the millions of mostly unvetted aliens who have entered the country illegally – the majority of them unaccompanied, military-age men.

In addition to the obvious impact of thus changing our demographics and later, if not sooner, America’s electorate – in particular in so-called “red” states – Biden’s wrecking of our border has transformed Mexico, as well. The practical effect has been to enormously enrich the cartels who rapaciously traffic men, women and children into the United States. They are now engaged in open warfare that is making our southern neighbor a failed state.

The predictable consequence will be millions more fleeing here – unless the border wall is completed and defended immediately. Just do it.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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