Secure Freedom Minute: Focus on – and Deter – the CCP’s Dangerous Capabilities


It’s a grave mistake for intelligence services and security policymakers to obsess about hostile powers’ intentions, instead of their actual capabilities to act aggressively. Most immediately, we need to focus less on whether the Chinese Communist Party intends at the moment to go to war than on whether it is prepared to do so.

What are known as indicators and warnings increasingly suggest that the Chinese have put into place the capabilities to invade Taiwan and believe they can now successfully exercise that option.

A recent, compelling Center for Security Policy webinar illuminated the techniques China would likely use to act on their oft-repeated threats to undertake such an attack. Given the exceedingly dangerous global implications, visit to see measures that we must take now to counter the CCP’s ominous capabilities and, thereby, deter whatever it may intend to unleash.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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