Secure Freedom Minute: Free Zhang Zhan


Four decades ago, I worked for a great U.S. Senator named Henry “Scoop” Jackson. He tirelessly fought his time’s existential threats to freedom – especially, Soviet Communism.

Notably, Scoop publicized courageous dissidents harshly persecuted by the Kremlin for challenging its repression. By so doing, he and millions of others around the world helped protect those freedom-fighters, and undermine the legitimacy of the USSR that punished them and endangered us. The rest is history.

We must do the same for those resisting today’s greatest threat to freedom: the Chinese Communist Party. One such dissident is Zhang Zhan, a Christian journalist imprisoned for her “troublesome” reporting on the CCP’s murderous Covid-19 virus. She’s responded with a hunger-strike that now has her near death.

President Biden – and the rest of us – must demand that his “old friend,” China’s dictator, Xi Jinping, free Zhang Zhan immediately.

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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