Secure Freedom Minute: Gen. Milley – Simply Derelict Again or Betraying America on China?


Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley will likely excuse his contribution to Joe Biden’s humiliating defeat in Afghanistan today by falsely asserting the Taliban’s swift victory was unexpected.

Even more untenable is our unpreparedness for the coming, conflict with China. Its leadership and propaganda outlets have been telling the Chinese since 2019 that their country is engaged in a “People’s War” with the United States and to prepare for hostilities.

Former Air Force commander Matthew Lohmeier urges Milley’s Senate interlocutors to ask: “Did [he] tell his counterpart in the People’s Liberation Army…that, in the event the United States government decided to engage in military related actions against China, he would provide advance warning…?”

If so, the general’s conduct would not be – as with the Afghan defeat – merely a gross dereliction of duty. It could prove to be a devastating betrayal of our country.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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