Secure Freedom Minute: Gen. Minihan’s This-Is-No-Drill Order


I can’t recall over the past four decades a more important, surprising and needed unclassified directive than the one just issued by Air Force General Mike Minihan. He commands some 100,000 airmen who provide mobility and other vital logistical support to his own and the other armed services. 

With extreme urgency and clarity, Gen. Minihan has directly ordered his subordinates to prepare for war with Communist China. His focus is on taking whatever steps they can to train and operate with a view to deterring and, if necessary, defeating our time’s existential threat to freedom: the Chinese Communist Party. 

The general thinks we have until 2025 to get ready for a Chinese onslaught. Pray that’s not unduly optimistic – and that the rest of our military and political leadership agrees that we must prepare now for war if we have any hope of preventing it.    

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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