Secure Freedom Minute: General Brown Must Be Rejected


The Senate’s recess is over and its agenda includes the nomination of General C.Q. Brown to be America’s top military officer. Here are five reasons he should be rejected:

First, with him as the Air Force’s Chief of Staff, its strength has declined from “marginal” to “very weak” – grounds for termination, not promotion.

Second, Gen. Brown embraces the cultural Marxist agenda of Critical Race Theory and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. It’s destroying America’s armed forces. 

Third, on his watch, the Air Force Academy has indoctrinated his service’s future leaders with that anti-American, racist and divisive ideology.

Fourth, Gen. Brown is a former fighter pilot, but not the warrior commander we need at the moment.

And fifth, that’s imperative because Communist China is preparing for war. Our troops must do the same, starting with the rejection of General Brown.

Tell your Senators:

This is Frank Gaffney.

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