Secure Freedom Minute: Get YOUR Balloon Damage Assessment Here


In closed door sessions yesterday, the Biden administration finally briefed Congress about the Chinese Communist Party’s latest addition to its comprehensive “unrestricted warfare” against our country.  

Lawmakers who spoke afterwards seemed properly dissatisfied that enough was done to protect our nation and population against the extensive espionage conducted by a high-altitude balloon – to say nothing of the possibility that platform could have been weaponized and potentially catastrophically dangerous to our electric grid.  

Fortunately, the rest of us with a need-to-know about such dangers can get briefed by top experts via a compelling Committee on the Present Danger: China webinar conducted on Tuesday. And, thanks to an important new report at, we can learn how – in the face of federal failures to counter various threats from the CCP – U.S. states can and must step up to protect our people.   

This is Frank Gaffney.  

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