Secure Freedom Minute: Godspeed Sen. Horatius Johnson


According to legend, a single, courageous Roman warrior named Horatius successfully defended a bridge against an invading army, sparing his city from certain destruction. It turns out that we have a Horatius in the U.S. Senate: Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

Yesterday, Senator Johnson convened an informal hearing about the Covid-19 virus and the toll it has needlessly taken on our countrymen and women due to governmental and media ineptitude and malfeasance. He took five hours of testimony from leading medical practitioners, vaccine victims and other experts who participated in an extraordinary “Defeat the Mandates” march in Washington the day before.

On this issue and the Big Lie about January 6th being an “insurrection,” Senator Johnson is singlehandedly showing his Republican colleagues what they can, and must, do this year – even in the minority: Namely, expose the truth.

Godspeed Horatius Johnson!

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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