Secure Freedom Minute: Good Riddance, Henry Kissinger


Tributes to Henry Kissinger, dead yesterday at 100, tout his foreign policy expertise and accomplishments. No one will miss him more than the Chinese Communist Party for whom he was, literally, its oldest “Old Friend” – a term reserved for members of Beijing’s “captured elites.”

Kissinger’s usefulness to the CCP was evident when Chinese dictator Xi Jinping celebrated his centennial birthday during the last of more than 100 visits to what has emerged, with his considerable help, as our greatest enemy, ever.

In the six decades since his first, secret trip to China – which actualized Richard Nixon’s strategically misbegotten “opening” – Kissinger arguably did more than any other American to facilitate the Chinese Communists’ penetration, subversion and other acts of “unrestricted warfare” against this country. To be determined is whether, in his absence, the damage he did can be undone.

Good riddance, Henry Kissinger.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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