Secure Freedom Minute: Grid Down, Power Up – Movie to Movement


It’s been clear for decades that the United States is at mortal risk due to the vulnerability of its electric grid to everything from sabotage to cyber attacks to man-induced or naturally occurring electromagnetic pulses.  

Every one of our enemies understand that they could achieve a kill-shot on America by exploiting this national Achilles’ Heel. Most have plans to do just that.  

Incredibly, our leaders, regulators and electric utilities have largely ignored these ominous realities. Until now. This week however, a new, multiple award-winning documentary premiered in Hollywood with a view to transforming a movie into a movement to secure our grid. 

Entitled “Grid Down, Power Up” and narrated by Dennis Quaid, this film confirms our present danger and offers solutions, including enabling the audience to painlessly demand corrective action from elected representatives and utility executives. 

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This is Frank Gaffney. 

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