Secure Freedom Minute: Hamas Weaponizes Civilians – and Hopes They’ll Die


The loss of seven individuals tragically killed by Israeli forces while feeding Palestinians in Gaza has prompted other aid organizations to suspend operations until, we’re told, they are satisfied “it’s safe.” 

Memo to all such organizations: Gaza is not safe. It is a war zone in which local and foreign civilians are at unavoidably some risk.

That’s substantially because Israel is fighting an enemy that intensifies that risk by using such civilians as not just human shields, but as weapons. The more killed the better for the information warfare Hamas terrorists are counting on to survive.  

There are only two ways truly to end the suffering of non-combatants in this war. Hamas can unconditionally surrender or be decisively defeated. Any other outcome is a formula for far more death and destruction of innocents throughout the Middle East and, inevitably, here.  

This is Frank Gaffney.

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