Secure Freedom Minute: Harris-Biden Tackle One ‘Root Cause’ of Illegal Immigration – America


Vice President Kamala Harris has been widely criticized for her performance telling the people of Central America how to solve the “root causes” of their nations’ problems.

Maybe we’re missing something. True, there’s no evidence the Veep actually understands the conditions in Guatemala, El Salvador or Mexico – let alone that she’s addressing them effectively.

But, in fairness, it is indisputable that Kamala Harris and her running mate, Joe Biden, are in fact doing a lot to address the root cause of illegal immigration — in our country. Specifically, they are making America much less attractive to people who yearn for freedom and opportunity by trying to turn the U.S. into just another oppressive political system and economic basket-case.

Unfortunately, taking down America probably won’t keep people from coming here. But it sure will ruin America for those privileged to call her home.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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