Secure Freedom Minute: Has Joe Biden Saved Hamas?


Over the weekend, Israel withdrew most of its combat forces from southern Gaza in the wake of Joe Biden’s threats to cut back the U.S. supply of weapons vital to the defense of the Jewish State and his aggressive efforts to bring down the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Has the President accomplished his evident goal of saving Hamas? 

If so, Biden’s betrayal of the Jewish State is all more outrageous in light of mounting evidence that undermines his latest pretexts for doing so: First, it appears Hamas engineered the incident in which Israel’s military unintentionally killed seven aid workers. And second, Israel’s apparent elimination of a top Iranian commander in Damascus recently was fully justified as he reportedly personally orchestrated Hamas’ murderous October 7th invasion. 

A new poll confirms that American voters overwhelmingly support Israel. 

So should Joe Biden.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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