Secure Freedom Minute: ”Have You Eaten Lately?”


“Have you eaten lately?” is a Chinese greeting rooted in centuries of famine, particularly under the Communist Party’s misrule. It may soon become something Americans ask one another, too.

After all, world food shortages are on the rise, aggravated by serious disruptions of both Russian and Ukrainian wheat exports induced by Putin’s invasion.

Shortfalls in imports of the ingredients needed to fertilize America’s farmland are examples of the folly of relying on foreign supply chains.

China has been hoarding, accumulating huge wheat and corn stockpiles. It has also been buying up large quantities of U.S. farmland and food processing plants here.

Ominously, there have lately been a spate of as-yet-unexplained fires and other “accidents” reported at 12 of such plants.

One thing seems certain already: All these problems can add up to acute food insecurity for millions of us. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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