Secure Freedom Minute: How to Stop the CCP’s Weaponization of Cuba


After initially dissembling about the Chinese Communist Party’s weaponization of Cuba, the Biden administration now acknowledges we will soon face not only an expanded PRC signals intelligence operation off our coast. The CCP is also establishing a so-called “military training facility” there. 

Our Committee on the Present Danger: China identified in a very troubling webinar this week the following are possible uses of such a forward-deployed base: cyber and biological warfare and fielding assorted missile systems, perhaps concealed in shipping containers. Team Biden has done nothing meaningful even to discourage such threatening behavior. 

The Committee has unveiled twenty measures designed to compel the Chinese Communists to abandon this dangerous provocation or, at least, mitigate the risks associated with it. Visit and help us induce President Biden to stand up to, and not further appease, our mortal enemy: the CCP.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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