Secure Freedom Minute: Hunter’s Memoir Must Not Deflect Accountability

Secure Freedom Minute

Hunter Biden, the President’s surviving son, has launched a promotional tour for a memoir designed to evoke sympathy for his addictions and other demons. It’s also calculated to deflect attention from his serious misdeeds and apparently illegal activity. Amazingly, he actually got paid a $3 million advance for this instrument of political sleight-of-hand.

Particularly troubling is the prospect that the book may help the younger Biden dodge accountability for his scandalous business dealings with Chinese Communist spies seeking to acquire sensitive U.S. technology and compromise the man who is now our Commander-in-Chief.

A former top Trump advisor, Peter Navarro, has documented alarming revelations on what Hunter has disingenuously acknowledged “could be” his laptop. Dr. Navarro warns that his access to the White House could put at risk classified information. Unfortunately, the same could be said of his father.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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