Secure Freedom Minute: Hunter’s Other Crimes Must Be Prosecuted


Hunter Biden once acknowledged that he probably wouldn’t have gotten a board seat with a corrupt Ukrainian oil company if his last name were different. He surely wouldn’t have gotten the sweetheart plea deal announced yesterday if his father weren’t the U.S. President. 

The immediate question is whether that deal rules out Hunter’s prosecution on other charges. His lawyer says it does. The U.S. Attorney who has been investigating him for several years however, says that he is still doing so. 

The far more important question is whether the American people will tolerate this latest example of unequal justice under law. If allowed to stand, it would surely reinforce the perception that there is one criminal standard for Democrats and another for Republicans.      

That perception must not be allowed to take further root, starting with a vigorous prosecution of Hunter Biden.


This is Frank Gaffney.

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