Secure Freedom Minute: Is Biden PINO – President in Name Only?

Secure Freedom Minute

Joe Biden’s first presidential press conference yesterday prompted a troubling question, albeit one not asked by a palpably controlled White House press corps: Namely, who’s actually in charge?

Mr. Biden’s hapless performance makes clear that it is somebody else. But who? The woman he has repeatedly called President Harris? His Chief of Staff, Ron Klain? Or perhaps it really is Barack Obama’s third term, largely staffed by his former subordinates?

The fact that we don’t know the answer is not just a problem for accountability and democratic governance. It seems increasingly to be a gambit designed to obscure the truly radical character of the new administration’s policies and agenda. Were that evident, the opposition would surely intensify.

If Joe Biden is PINO – President in name only, it is both unacceptable and an inducement to act out for America’s enemies, foreign and domestic.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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