Secure Freedom Minute: Is Biden Working for the CCP?


A profoundly troubling Committee on the Present Danger: China webinar yesterday assessed President Biden’s takedown of America’s armed forces. As the prospect looms of kinetic war with the Chinese Communist Party, the cumulative effects of his ideological purges, insane vaccine mandates, the ravages of inflation and indoctrination that America is not a nation worth dying for are devastating our only military, and emboldening our enemies.

The question occurs: If Joe Biden were working for the CCP, what would he be doing differently?

I can’t think of a thing. To name but a few other Biden initiatives on Xi Jinping’s wish list: replacing our energy independence with reliance on Chinese “renewable” technologies, among other CCP supply chains; facilitating an  invasion by millions of illegal aliens; surrendering Afghanistan; and humiliating and prosecuting Americans critical of China.

Whatever his motivations, Joe must go.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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