Secure Freedom Minute: Is the CCP’s ”Elite Capture” a Factor in the Speaker’s Race?


Why has Kevin McCarthy not withdrawn from the House Speaker’s race after six failed attempts to win the post? It may have less to do with his notorious lust for power than self-preservation.  

Under present circumstances, a Republican House is basically reduced to conducting investigations. McCarthy’s choice to perform oversight on China, Rep. Mike Gallagher, says he intends to examine U.S. underwriting of the Chinese Communist Party.

The trouble is that Kevin McCarthy has long worked with Sequoia Capital, a firm that has invested heavily in and for China. The botched Benghazi investigation illustrates how a Speaker like McCarthy’s mentor, Paul Ryan, can neuter an inquiry. Ditto the failure of McCarthy’s own China Task Force to examine financial firms like BlackRock and Sequoia’s enabling of our enemy.

We need a Speaker who will root out the CCP’s “elite capture,” not exemplify it.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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