Secure Freedom Minute: Israel Must Help Iran’s People Liberate Their Country


Overnight, Israel’s military retaliated for massive Iranian missile and drone attacks launched against the Jewish State last weekend. At this point, the magnitude and impact of the Israeli response is unclear. 

But the fact that the Iranian regime is still in business suggests it was tailored to minimize further conflicts with a Biden administration now increasingly palpably working to defend the mullahs, as well as their jihadist proxies in Gaza, Lebanon and Yemen.

At this point, there is only one response to “the wider regional war” Team Biden laughably says it is determined to prevent, but that is actually being relentlessly waged against Israel by all the aforementioned: The Israelis must use to the fullest their might and skills to assist the former Shah’s son, Reza Pahlavi, in his intensifying efforts to help the people of Iran finally liberate their country.   

This is Frank Gaffney.

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