Secure Freedom Minute: Israel’s Churchill


The fall from power yesterday of longtime Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls to mind the thankless banishment of Winston Churchill when he was delivering Britain from the scourge of Naziism at World War II’s end. At least in Churchill’s case, it came as a period of acute national peril was receding.

Today, the dangers to the Jewish State are – if anything – intensifying. The Biden administration has helped transform what was, just six months ago, one of the most promising geostrategic environments for the Free World’s outpost in the Middle East into one fraught with emboldened enemies, undermined allies and strained bilateral relations with Washington.

And unlike Churchill, Bibi Netanyahu was not decisively defeated at the polls, but by an improbable and unsustainable parliamentary coalition. He may well soon be back in charge –  which would be good for Israel, and for America.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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