Secure Freedom Minute: Joe Biden’s ”High Crimes” Exposed


After a federal judge refused to “rubber-stamp” a plea deal apparently intended to give Hunter Biden immunity from prosecution in connection with other, unspecified crimes, his father’s media and other apologists insisted, “There’s nothing to see here, folks, move along.” 

In a powerful podcast with Senator Ted Cruz, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer begged to differ. He characterized over 250 Suspicious Activity Reports filed with the Treasury Department by major Democrat-run banks as revealing a pattern of behavior by the Biden family that involved “wire fraud, tax fraud, money laundering” and “racketeering.” 

Worse yet, among the funds involved was a $3 million payment from a Chinese Communist Party-controlled entity, $1.3 million of which wound up in the bank accounts of four Biden family members.

Let the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden’s criminal ties to our mortal enemy begin!

This is Frank Gaffney.

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