Secure Freedom Minute: Joe Biden’s Serial Failures to Deter World War III


The Biden administration is currently consumed with a war it failed to deter in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Team Biden’s willful blindness about a far greater threat – namely, the Chinese Communist Party and its determination to dominate the world – risks a failure to deter the CCP from opening a second front in the Pacific. It could begin at any time, perhaps with a distracting attack by North Korea on its neighbors and our forces on their territories.

Worse still, yet another war front looms. Thanks to two years of delusional Biden diplomacy that simply bought time for Iran to complete its nuclear weapons program, the mullahs are now assessed to have enough highly enriched uranium to get the Bomb within days.

For over four decades Iran’s regime has promised “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.” Will Joe Biden fail to deter that, too?


This is Frank Gaffney.

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