Secure Freedom Minute: Joe Biden‘s Suicidal War on the Dollar


The Biden wrecking operation’s most devastating legacy could be its destruction of the value and reserve currency status of the U.S. dollar. The inflation wracking Americans today is but a small foretaste of what will ensue if the dollar is dethroned.

Yet that disaster now looms, thanks to the Democrats’ reckless determination to add $5 trillion to the national debt, printing ever-more greenbacks worth ever less. And Russian and Chinese determination to supplant the dollar is further intensified by Team Biden’s threats to respond to their aggression by cutting off access to the dollar-dominated international banking system.                                                                                   

And, as financier Kyle Bass told our recent webinar on U.S. underwriting of the threats we face from the Chinese Communist Party, Beijing will soon launch its own cryptocurrency. Make no mistake: This dollar-alternative will be weaponized against us – and must be strenuously opposed.  

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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