Secure Freedom Minute: John Kerry’s Latest Scam Could Prove Deadly


If you are having a hot, wet or otherwise uncomfortable summer, you may be particularly susceptible to one or more scams. 

You may be inclined to believe that extreme weather like intense summer heat, flooding and droughts are caused by human carbon dioxide emissions. If so, Team Biden’s so-called “climate czar” John Kerry has a Chinese bridge he wants to sell you.

At the moment, this guy – who has, for five decades, repeatedly betrayed our country – is in Beijing talking up the surpassing importance of getting yet-another climate “deal” with the Chinese Communists. 

He wants you to ignore: the evidence that dictator Xi Jinping is preparing for a shooting war against us; the obvious insanity of becoming still more dependent on the PRC for so-called “green energy”; and China’s litany of broken promises.

Kerry’s latest scam could get lots of us killed.

This is Frank Gaffney. 


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