Secure Freedom Minute: Just Say ”No” on the Debt Ceiling Sell-out and Send McCarthy Packing


The sad truth is that too many congressional Republicans amount to little more than a “controlled opposition.” Full of rhetorical posturing but, when it matters, doing basically whatever the left demands.

In January, Kevin McCarthy was compelled to promise, if elected Speaker, to oppose – rather than submit to – the Marxists running the executive branch and the Senate. His critics wisely required that the rules enable any one of them to depose him if he reneged.

Barely six months later, it’s clear that Speaker McCarthy has reverted to form. His so-called “deal” with Joe Biden on the debt ceiling is precisely what the governing leftists expect from opposition figures they control. It should be spurned by the Republican caucus and the Speaker’s chair “vacated” to be filled by someone truly committed to “opposing,” not enabling, Obama-Biden 3.0’s “fundamental transformation” of America.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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