Secure Freedom Minute: “Just the Facts, Ma’am” About Boulder

Secure Freedom Minute

The latest mass murder in Boulder rebuts a number of the nostrums of the day, rather than affirms them.

First, the gunman appears to be a jihadist, not a white supremacist. While the shooter, Ahmad al-Issa, had reportedly been identified by the FBI as a potential threat, sadly he didn’t fit the profile of the purported “domestic terrorists” and “violent extremists” with whom the bureau is evidently preoccupied, namely Caucasian Trump-supporters.

If, as some insist, the shooting was racially motivated, it doesn’t jive with the dominant narrative of the moment, either. While likely simply a product of jihadism, if racism prompted the murder of ten white victims presumably it’s been encouraged by incessant denunciations of whites and their so-called “privilege.”

Equally counterfactual is the idea that disarming law-abiding citizens would prevent such criminal conduct. It won’t and we must not.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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