Secure Freedom Minute: Kamala Strikes (Out) Again


Kamala Harris yesterday added outer space to the portfolios in which she has demonstrated appallingly poor judgment and undermined America’s national security. She effectively declared the Biden administration would unilaterally disarm in the face of demonstrated – and very dangerous – Chinese and Russian anti-satellite capabilities.

This initiative exemplifies the sort of naivete – if not actual subversiveness – of leftists like Biden and Harris and their radical arms controller allies. The Veep asserted that our refusal to test missiles from the earth to attack objects in space would foster new norms for responsible behavior in space.

Actually, such unilateral restraint will not prevent debris fields in space or make it safe for civilian exploration and other uses. Instead, it will embolden our enemies by locking in their advantages aimed at militarily controlling the High Frontier, in furtherance of their ambitions to dominate our planet below.

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