Secure Freedom Minute: Keep American “Boots” Out of Gaza


The Biden administration reportedly wants to put American forces on the ground in Gaza. Clearly, there’s a desperate need for adult supervision, and urgent course corrections, regarding Team Biden’s policy towards Israel and the war upon which her very survival depends. 

Israeli media quote the seriously deficient Joint Chiefs Chairman, General C.Q. Brown, as saying Washington seeks a “joint U.S.-Israeli command center in Rafah.” 

Best case, such an arrangement would embroil our military personnel in deadly fighting in that densely packed urban center. More likely, and by design, it would create a further impediment to Israeli efforts to defeat Hamas decisively.

The Israelis rightly do not want others fighting their wars. Especially after last week’s American betrayal at the U.N. and Team Biden’s impending, insidious Trojan Horse port in Gaza, the job of defending the Jewish State must remain Israel’s alone.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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