Secure Freedom Minute: Keep the US Military Out of Gaza


President Biden announced in the course of his skin-crawling State of the Union address last night that American military personnel will become the next hostages of Hamas in Gaza and help save that designated terrorist group. 

Of course, he was not so forthright. But those disasters will likely flow from Team Biden’s latest response to international and domestic pressure to “do something” about Gaza by ordering the U.S. armed forces to construct a “temporary” pier there. 

Ostensibly, that structure will facilitate ramped up “humanitarian aid” to Gazans. In practice, however, it will put those Americans in harm’s way – susceptible, at best, to the sort of violent attacks Palestinians have inflicted on Egyptian truck drivers providing such relief and/or to hostage-taking. Such an operation will further complicate and otherwise interfere with Israeli efforts to destroy Hamas, too. 

Congress must block the pier, now.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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