Secure Freedom Minute: Kevin McCarthy is STILL Unworthy of the Public Trust


No one knows now who will be the next House Speaker – and we may not for some time. Recent insights into Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s character, however, show that he’s unworthy of the public trust.   

For example, before the voting began Tuesday and despite real uncertainty whether he’d win the top job, McCarthy presumptuously moved his office into the Speaker’s suite.  

Then, during a Republican caucus before the first of three unsuccessful votes on January 3rd, McCarthy contemptibly announced that he had “earned this G— d— job.”  

And, one of the twenty courageous legislators who wound up voting instead for Jim Jordan reported that, in the same caucus meeting, Kevin McCarthy and an ally explicitly threatened to severely punish any defectors by barring them from serving on House committees.  

Kevin McCarthy is unfit and should withdraw, as he ignominiously had to do once before. 


This is Frank Gaffney. 

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