Secure Freedom Minute: Know Thy Enemy – Study the CCP’s War Against Us

Secure Freedom Minute

Biden administration officials are holding important meetings this month that present much-needed opportunities to address the growing threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party.

A lot is riding on these conversations. The read-out from one the President held Friday with key allied leaders was not encouraging. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan signaled that it wasn’t about their common adversary: the CCP. Instead, the discussion focused on managing the pandemic it unleashed on all of us, Burma and climate change. 

The Chinese Communists are likely to perceive such consultations as confirmation that the Biden team will submit to China’s ascendancy. Before they meet with Chinese counterparts this week in Alaska, American officials should review a powerful 2-hour TV special about the CCP’s war against us that Steve Bannon and I co-hosted on Saturday. I urge you to do the same at

This is Frank Gaffney.

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