Secure Freedom Minute: Larry Fink‘s BlackRock is Betting Your Money on Communist China


There’s a dirty, not-so-little secret about what the Chinese Communist Party is up to. How’s it paying for things like: an illegal biological warfare program that brought us Covid-19; economic warfare that’s made us dependent on Beijing’s supply  chains; a global, colonial Belt and Road Initiative; and a massive military build-up? The answer is: the CCP is using our money.

Notably, we’ve lately had confirmed that Dr. Anthony Fauci has treasonously given China your taxpayer dollars to pay for enhancements to diseases intended to kill us – including one that has taken over 750,000 American lives already.

Vastly more money, however – probably including some of yours – has been invested in the CCP by globalist Wall Street firms like Larry Fink’s BlackRock. A new public interest campaign highlights the danger of such companies enabling our mortal enemy. Learn more at

This is Frank Gaffney.

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