Secure Freedom Minute: ”Let Go Garland”


Hundreds of thousands of Americans will soon be gathering in football stadiums, NASCAR races and other venues across the country to cheer on their favorites. If recent experience is any guide, many of them may also express their profound displeasure with President Joe Biden, shouting an obscene phrase an NBC reporter hilariously transformed into “Let’s Go Brandon.”

While they’re at it, these crowds might add a new chant to their repertoire. Attorney General Merrick Garland deserves critical attention, too, for insisting that school board meeting-attending mothers and fathers are “potential domestic terrorists” and for sicking on them FBI investigators and Justice Department prosecutors.

So, if you’re heading to a public event this weekend, consider starting, or joining, a denunciation of America’s top law enforcement officer who is weaponizing our security agencies against us. How about urging President Biden to “Let Go Garland”?

This is Frank Gaffney.

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