Secure Freedom Minute: Make the Chinese Communist Party Pay


We’re hearing a lot about “reparations” these days. Mostly it involves the idea that people alive now who had no  responsibility for the repression of others should pay for long-deceased slaves’ suffering. That actually amounts to the redistribution of wealth favored by Marxists. Some even say looting is justified reparations.

It’s a very different matter to hold accountable a government that is directly and currently responsible for the mass murder of millions of people worldwide – many of them Americans. The evidence that the Chinese Communist Party has done just that with a virus it manufactured and deliberately disseminated globally is mounting by the day. Even those in the Biden administration and media who have relentlessly tried to obscure this reality are grudgingly acknowledging it.

The CCP must be designated as a transnational criminal organization and obliged to pay for its pandemic.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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