Secure Freedom Minute: Maria’s Must-See-TV on Wall Street’s “China First” Strategy


Maria Bartiromo is onto what is, arguably, the most important story of our time. It has a prominent business angle befitting the Fox anchor’s principal beat. But it is also of the utmost strategic significance as our financing of the threat posed to America by the Chinese Communist Party will likely determine our fate, and surely that of our children and grandchildren.

In three must-see-TV interviews last week, Ms. Bartiromo exposed the utter indifference of a driver of this “China First” strategy, J.P. Morgan’s CEO Jamie Diamond, to the massive losses U.S. investors have lately sustained in China. And she featured two brilliant critics of Wall Street’s underwriting the CCP’s “rise” – Roger Robinson and Jonathan Ward – who established that it is enabling the Party’s terrifying determination to dominate and destroy us.

Maria’s right: That must stop, now.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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