Secure Freedom Minute: Mayorkas Lies About Biden’s Ballot-Harvesting Border Crisis

Secure Freedom Minute

Alejandro Mayorkas is the new Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Until yesterday, he was best known for his scandalous misconduct facilitating visas for politically-connected Chinese migrants when he was Barack Obama’s director of Customs and Border Protection.

After Mayorkas made the rounds of this Sunday’s TV talk shows, however, his reputation will be further marred by the spate of lies he told about the border crisis the Biden administration has created. These included denying there is such a crisis and insisting that the border is as secure as under Donald Trump.

The truth is the new administration’s disastrous and inhumane immigration policy has one overarching objective: Let in as many prospective Democratic voters as possible. It’s no coincidence that Biden and Company are simultaneously pushing dangerous legislation through Congress that will enable such illegal aliens to become illegal voters, too.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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