Secure Freedom Minute: Memo to Biden – Stop Standing with Israel’s Enemies, and Ours


Yesterday, Joe Biden reiterated American solidarity with Israel and sought to deter Iran, another of its terrorist proxies, Hezbollah, and others from interfering with Israel’s retaliation for Saturday’s murderous invasion by Hamas. 

Unfortunately, Biden’s credibility is sorely lacking as his administration had actively contributed to conditions that prompted that horrific attack. 

It relentlessly conveyed hostility towards the Israeli government, was complicit in leftist congressional efforts to deny the Jewish State resupplies of vital anti-missile weaponry, undermined Israel’s existing peace agreements with regional regimes and interfered with the conclusion of one with Saudi Arabia.

Worse yet, it resumed taxpayer funding of Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists, allowed over $30 billion to flow to Iran and turned a blind eye to Chinese destabilizing of the region. 

To truly “stand with Israel,” Joe Biden must stop standing with her enemies, and ours

This is Frank Gaffney.

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